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Secret Sauce of 400% Traffic Growth On An E-Commerce Website

How informational content helps overall growth
little goose

Project Detail

Little Goose is a e-commerce website that sells children toys, clothes, gifts and other products. Their main market is Lithuania and they are also expanding internationally.

They offer very high quality products but their assortment is not so big which is a disadvantage compared to other websites from the same niche. That’s why we had to take a wider perspective when doing SEO for this project.

ClientLittle Goose
Project Date2022-present

Establishing a BLOG

As it was clear so optimizing categories and doing link building will not be enough, we decided to put a lot of efforts into establishing a BLOG and covering topics that target audience is interesting in. Goals of this:

  1. To gain additional organic traffic that increases brand awareness
  2. To get conversions. Even though it’s informational content but still we got at least some conversions from most of the articles
  3. And most importantly, to strengthen our category pages and products by covering semantically relevant topics and connecting them with what is being sold on the website, linking to those commercial valuable pages
little goose blog

Working with commercial pages as well

We did not forget commercial pages as well. While working on a BLOG, it’s also important to keep an eye on the category, product pages and see how they react over time. If we notice positive impact for some keywords, we implement the changes that satisfy the user intent more efficiently.

Also, with a constant link building, we achieve both, overall website authority growth which helps with faster rankings on new and existing categories, and rankings of the specific commercial keywords that are additional boosted from connections of already mentioned BLOG content.

store growth

Impressive Results

50+ informational topics covered helped Little Goose project to establish a topical authority in this area which also resulted in better rankings of commercial pages alongside with Conversion Rate Optimization actions. It got us 400% overall traffic growth from Organic channel and 210% ROI so far.

+550% BLOG Growth

+185% Commercial pages growth

210% ROI