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How we helped a blog to get 240% ROI

The way we sharpen every single blog post

We want to present our approach how we’re working with blog’s content on every website that we touch and what things do we implement. The main idea is always to give the best and most accurate answers to the specific questions and considerations. Read on to find out what exactly do we do.

Project Detail

The blog WaterOnTop.com has been created in September of 2020. It focuses on writing educational content about water filtration and drinking water quality. Also, it promotes the best water purification products and gets commissions for it.

It was totally new domain with limited budget, which means that at the beginning it was clear that it will need time and that we have to 95% rely on content as that’s the only way to beat big competitors.

Project Date2021-2022

Giving the answers

We have convinced ourselves with results from multiple projects that the most important thing in a blog post is a direct answer to topic’s question. It should be straightforward, accurate, containing the main facts that will be described later on in the article. As for formatting, we like to highlight it and put it in the beginning of the article where people actually expect to get some useful info, not in the conclusion where small portion of them get to. That’s what we did in the beginning of this ‘What is the Cheapest Way to Remove Iron From Well Water?’ article. We always tell copywriters that they should write these answers for people in a hurry that don’t want to miss anything important. It’s always perfect for Featured Snippets (quick answer boxes in Google search).

Then as you see, below we have a table where we specify the price ranges for those ways to remove iron from well water. As it’s money oriented topic, mentioning money intervals (not specific numbers because they might outdate very fast) is very important for target audience.

More content magic

  • 1. Visuals. Check out the visual on the right (or below on mobile) we created in ‘What Water To Use In Humidifier?’ article. Informative images are very important as people are bored with text in cases like this where many different types of waters are being described in the text content and summary type of image helps to understand the main article facts very fast
  • 2. Easy to read content. As you see in the lower part of the image, we love structured content that’s easy to read and understand. We avoid wall of texts and instead focus on putting content into small sections, using bullet points, adding tables or bolding the most important words in sentences. Not only it increases read and scroll time of the page but also boosts SEO rankings because of better User Experience.

Semantic connections

Another crucial step in our content sharpening is creating semantic connections. We deeply analyze search results, competition and audiences of each sub-topic in the article we’re producing to find out what semantic mentions, explanations are needed to show expertise on the subject and also to give Google a good reason to rate us as the credible source which talk about each and every important aspect, no matter how small it is in whole article’s context.

And another important aspect regarding the semantics is to connect articles with each other and strengthen overall credibility on topic clusters that we’re trying to dominate. We do this by interlinking, covering not only the topics with search volume but also the ones that compliment the entire cluster by filling up the content gaps.

From 0 to 6k monthly traffic
240% ROI

Impressive Results

This is just a glimpse into how we produce content for our clients. By polishing it in every single article that we ordered we left those article for a few months to see how they perform. If results didn’t satisfy us, we would get back to it and look for areas of improvement. And we would continue this process for over a year. Finally, we needed some patience as every blog with a limited budget needs some time and even though the traffic grew constantly but the real boost came after some extra time as you see in the graph. Nothing special was done before September of 2022 but the traffic skyrocketed after a lot of months of hard work making every single content the best informational piece there could be in the search results.